90's Nostalgia

I dont understand why this new generation is so damn nostalgic! Kids born in the 90s, are obsessed with the 90's. I think us older cats (did I just call myself older?!?!) have pinned the youngins in a corner. So many creative types and music junkies yearn "for the way things used to be" so much that its gotten young folks all confused and desperate for that same feeling. It's too early for all that.

Know what I think... older nostalgic-able dudes, keep reminding us but don't require people to obey. Younger dudes, do your job by building spaceships and creating fresh shit! (for real fresh shit, like new fresh shit, not 1983 "fresh" ) Now the two of you stay in your corners and do ya thing. -18aC
In response to Blockhead's post on the Def Jux blog-o-log...

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