Brand New 18aC Music Video!

Shot, written, edited and recorded in two days between Kyoto & Tokyo.

Anti [18aC] - "Vague&Universal" from 18andCounting on Vimeo.



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Cornell Develops Algorithms to Mimic Sounds of Water

The sounds you hear in this video are created by an algorithm, not prerecorded sounds. They've some how managed to use the data in the 3D scene to make sound. This is way beyond me but cool non the less.


18aC's First Museum Show

Built: Kranzberg Exhibition 2009
Opening June 5th
Showing til September 6th


Six local artists and the Laumeier staff are busy preparing for Built, the 2009 Kranzberg Exhibition which opens June 5 at 6 p.m.
For only the second time, the Kranzberg show features multiple artists who are transforming the indoor galleries into five unique installations.

According to Kim Humphries, Laumeier's Director of Exhibitions and Collections, "All the work in Built is site-specific - some of it solidly-so, literally constructed into and onto the galleries."

For Stan Chisholm, the exhibition has brought him full circle. The recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago is working with Laumeier's Manager of Exhibitions and Collections, Robert Goetz, who taught Chisholm as a high school student in the Contemporary Art Museum St Louis' New Art in the Neighborhood program.

Plan to attend the June 5 opening and see Chisholm's installation as well as work by Sarah Frost, Craig Norton, Mike Behle and Cameron Fuller & Sarah Paulsen in what Post-Dispatch Visual Arts Critic David Bonetti called, "the most promising show opening this summer."

Laumeier Sculpture Park