Double Trouble

I recently suffered a 22nd birthday, and made up for it with a banging party last Friday. About 200 people or so crashed my girl Chloe's (we share the same 12.9 birthdate) pad. It looked like an Obama rally in this girl's living room. 

My boy El Topo of the Black Holes was gonna spin but he had to dip out to Cali for personal reasons. 

SO it ended up being Itch 13 along side Dolor....but that was a bit of a mess too. See Itch's car died in the middle of the street. We ended up borrowing some cables to jump his battery with the $45 cab that Dolor caught to get his ass to the party on time....now my account it negative like bad math. haha. a few speaker problems but we still kept the party hoppin. 

EricLabRat of Glitter Guts and I had been trying to match up to do a photo booth for a minute. So my selfish ass called him up for my birthday party. (We'll colab more no worries.) we set up a police line up photobooth equipped with jail enabling illustrated props (Crack pipes, blunts, gun, titties etc...) by your's truly. 

In the end everything was 80% smooth, I meet some sexy & tough ladies, broke my phone and camera, the cops showed up (should have asked them for a photo), and I woke up on my own floor...two feet away from the door. 

check out GlitterGuts.com for the full photo set
and 18andCounting.com for lapdances.  

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  1. Like I said in the past... your baby eating skills are impressive!